Two Door Cinema Club - Next Year (RAC Remix)

| Kerri
I don't know where I
Am going to rest my head tonight.
So I won't promise that I'll speak
To you today,
But if I ever find
Another place, a better time
For that moment,
I was never what I am.

Take to me to where you are,
What you've become,
And what you will do
When I am gone.
I won't forget,
I won't forget.

We're going to TDCC next week with a bunch of friends and even though I saw this band twice last year I'm really excited - their set is pure fun! How does so much good music come out of little ol' Ireland? And for today's MIS I picked another mix by RAC - pseudonym for André Alan Anjos. He's such a unique producer, working with everyone from U2 and Lady Gaga to Linkin Park and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, throw in New Order for good measure. (He also lives in Portland, Oregon via Porto, Portugal and likes to post pics for #caturday, quirky facts I love.) Anyway, enjoy this mellow treat on your Thursday and I hope you have lots of things to look forward to, whether it's a show, or cat pics, or your next trip home.

RIYL: Wombats, Vampire Weekend, Phoenix, Bastille

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