Bastille - Laura Palmer (RAC remix)

| Kerri
Summer evening breezes blue
Drawing voices deep from you
Lead by a beating heart
What's the air and what's the night
What terrifying final sights
Put out your beating heart

Happy Bastille Day, France and happy birthday to Dan Smith, lead singer/songwriter for Bastille!! The band has a new single out you may have heard by now, Good Grief, but I chose this track for TMIS because the lyrics really drew me in, 3+ years ago when almost no one in the U.S. had heard of Bastille, and then I found out it was about Twin Peaks, and then they came out with this chilled out remix by a fairly small time producer/musician, RAC, whom I was already a fan of. So, hope this suits your mid-week, mid-summer, non-U.S.-holiday mood this evening as well as it does mine.

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