The Naked and Famous - Higher

| Kerri
But we can seperate
To form these hearts in stone
Rewrite this pain we own
Caught here in the wake
Nothing but genuine
Built on a skeleton
Of fractured parts
That only raise our voices
Higher, higher

The first new music from T/N/A/F in years! Co-bandleaders Thom Powers and Alisa Xayalith ended their 8-yr relationship during the interim, making this (forthcoming) album and tour a bit of a Fleetwood Mac situation, or perhaps No Doubt is a closer comparison. Either way, this track sounds more like their first album than their last and that's a good thing to my ears.
I last saw T/N/A/F on tour with Imagine Dragons 3 years ago. They were able to fill the stadium with their passionate synth sound then, so I'm excited to see how their outdoor set goes at ACL this fall, and how many new songs we'll get to hear in advance of the full album release.

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