Circa Waves - T-Shirt Weather

| Kerri

She left me and said
Baby won't you come to bed
But I can not sleep
While the sun's awake

The nights been so long
You don't get me right, don't get me wrong
Now my head tells the tales
I hardly know

I remember T-shirt weather
I remember some days
We were singing our lungs out
in the backseat together
And the seatbelts were burning our fingers
In the T-shirt weather
I remember sleeping till the early afternoon

Drinks fly like birds
Across the kitchen trouble stirs
And I'm tongue-tied by words
I used to know

So we talk till we're sick
17 went far too quick
And when my mind plays tricks
I have to go

Late February, for most of the US (and other northern countries), is a time of deep longing for t-shirt weather, as winter stretches on. Unfair of us Austinites, then, to brag about our mild-to-warm weather in the least but especially right now as we are enjoying late summer in Melbourne. Weeee!! (I'm rubbing it in now, sorry again.) The latest track from Liverpool's Circa Waves is less on the nose, but will still make you feel warm from angrily rocking out. ("Fire That Burns" was released a month ago, the second single from their second album, Different Creatures.)

RIYL: Smallpools, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Atlas Genius, Bear Hands

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Interpol - All The Rage Back Home

| Kerri

When she went, "hey love come over"
My head abounds
Oh the feeling
And she wept "hold me again", I made no sound
Oh, the beating
And she swore love is never done
So easily
And we went over again, my head abounds
Oh, the feeling

She said you don't need time
Be tame, you won't meet your mate inside
My faith won't lie
He said you don't need mine
Behave, you wanna leave my lady lovers
Of my eighteen summers alone
She said, you don't read minds
Be patient, you won't leave me shaking
Leave me shaking

I keep falling, maybe half the time, maybe half the time
I keep falling, maybe half the time, maybe half the time
But it's all the rage back home
It's all the rage back home

Keith mentioned a week or so ago that things had gotten far too new around here, so here's the first of two Most Important Songs from me that are a couple of years old. This one's a powerfully low-key, emotive number. I realize it's a love song, but I thought to post it today because Oh My God, I am tired of politics back home. Happy to be away! Speaking of - while Paul is continuing to tour with RZA (Banks & Steelz, a TMIS last summer) supposedly Interpol is still working on a new album this year!

RIYL: The National, Editors, The Strokes

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Gang of Youths - What Can I Do If the Fire Goes Out?

| Keith
Do I throw my clothes in the fire?
Do I throw my hopes in the fire?
If those things grow in the fire what burns to keep me alive?
Will you still show me a way?
Will you still show me a light?
Because I was only a kid when I felt you left me behind

Kerri and I are on the plane to Australia and Melbourne, by way of Sydney. I'll be down under for almost a month and I'm so looking forward to it. What does that have to do with this post? Well, one of my favorite Aussie bands, Gang of Youths, put out a new track last week and it's ace!

RIYL: The National, Woodlock, The Gaslight Anthem, Enemies, Wolf Parade

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