FOXTRAX - Underwater

| Kerri
I can’t tell the time
When I’m working on my grind sometimes
And my worries are waving with the wind
And I don’t mind if I feel blue
If I’m staring at the moon
And the stars are staring at me with a grin

I first heard this song last week when it was featured on Alt Nation's Advanced Placement program, and made a note to re-listen. Then I saw that Underwater was also featured on iTunes in the #1 spot for New Artists. Come to find out this is the debut single from the first EP by a basically brand new (formed in 2015) band. Somehow these just-graduated-from-college-and-moved-to-L.A. dudes are already attracting huge buzz: FOXTRAX even got written up in a UK blog saying, "They are guilty of producing an extremely fun live performance... tighter than a hipster's jeans." So. Guess I'll be looking for them to pop up in Austin sometime soon.

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