Vampire Weekend - Giving Up the Gun

| Kerri
You felt the coming wave, told me we'd all be brave
You said you wouldn't flinch
But in the years that passed since I saw you last
You haven't moved an inch

I've been a fan of Vampire Weekend since they hit my ears about eight years ago, such fun sounds and witty lyrics, but I've never seen them live. So I was really disappointed when I read in January that Rostam Batmanglij was leaving the band. And then really happy to read (in February) that the band is basically still together (with Batmanlij as a collaborator), and starting work on a new album.

I picked this song to share today because another artist I appreciate, Christina Grimme, was shot and killed last night after a show in Florida and I really wish that the US Congress would emulate Australian Parliament to enact and enforce strict gun control laws. It won't happen anytime soon, but maybe more of us regular citizens can simply stop supporting the NRA and start giving up the gun.

ETA: So sad, and sadly ironic, the deadliest mass shooting America has had happened a few hours after this post went live. Oh humanity, please stop.

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