Bastille - Blame

| Kerri
You’ve been granted three wishes
Say goodbye to your mother, your father, your son
I can hear your pulse racing from here
Sitting next to this gun beats your heart in your mouth

Fall upon your knees, sing:
"This is my body and soul here"
Crawl and beg and plead, sing:
"You’ve got the power to control"
Don’t pin it all on me
Don’t pin it all on me!

Another overdue post, I've been meaning to pick something from Bastille's latest album since it came out in September! I probably mentioned when I posted one of their remixes earlier this year, but Bastille's All This Bad Blood is a musical touchstone for me. Something about Dan Smith's lyrics, voice, and the band's sound recalls the very best of Martin Gore/Dave Gahan/Depeche Mode and all the feels that gave in my youth. That something was sorely needed in my life in the 2010s. For whatever equally ephemeral reasons, Wild World hasn't touched me quite the same way, with the exception of a handful of tracks. "Blame" is the only one of the handful I've heard live, and so it wins the toss-up of which to share. A gem of Dan's story telling, this song is about a couple of Goodfella-type gangsters facing off. I'll also recommend "Fake It" "Snakes" and "Way Beyond" in addition to the two released singles, "Good Grief" and "Send Them Off!"

RIYL: Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, O.M.D., The Wombats, Two Door Cinema Club

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