The Wombats - Your Body Is A Weapon

| Kerri
Sometimes I like to go uptown
Where flashy people flash around
It's extortionate and I don't care
You can taste the pretense in the air
And I wonder what you'll wear tonight
The shiny black dress with the slit at the thigh
Is this such fantasy that I should think
Someone like you could love a creep like me

I had a terrible time picking a Most Important Song from The Wombats! So many favorites, starting in 2006 - and I've played last year's Glitterbug so often that I have no idea what might sound fresh and fun to followers of this blog. BUT, the Liverpoolian marsupials played ACL yesterday, and I couldn't let the opportunity to highlight them pass. For those of us who missed them this weekend (and/or this whole current tour, *sob*) here's a live vid featuring their current backdrop. 

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