Lewis Del Mar - Loud(y)

| Keith
Can you please
Sit the fuck down
Protesting in your
Paper crown
You love to feel offended
Fighting from computer trenches
You got a semi-automatic mouth
Go easy now
And you're so loud
And you're so loud

In "Loud(y)", which has been in my heavy-ish rotation for a little while now, New York-based Lewis Del Mar sum up how I often feel about social media, especially anonymous, or semi-anonymous, commenting. Hidden behind a computer screen, with almost no personal risk if nobody knows who you are in "real life" you can pretty much say what you want, and when you can do that, you tend to do it loudly.

The electro-funk-rock-acoustic-indie duo released their self-titled LP just yesterday and it's pretty solid. Mixing many styles and influences filtered through a well-produced combination of electric grooves and beats paired with acoustic vocal and string stylings. They're also solid live. We caught a good chunk of their set last weekend at ACL and I thought they were very entertaining.

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