Said the Whale - Step into the Darkness

| Kerri

My sweet light, sweet love of mine
It might never again feel like it’s the right time
If it’s the end, well, let’s cross that line
Let us step into the darkness
Let’s step into the darkness

I was a ghost, you were the fear of god
All of my shrines, old broken hearts and wind chimes
I was alive just waiting for the hand of time
All of my ghosts went up in smoke
And through the window

A Vancouver band that's been around for 10 years, and sounds this fantastic - how had I not heard of them before?? Anyway, I *have* been listening to them a bunch since this track landed in my Spotify "Discover Weekly" back in April. Sorry it's taken so long for me to share! (Guess I'm part of the problem. But no more! Go forth - dig in their back catalog - see them at a show, etc.)

RIYL: Young the Giant, Local Natives, Hippo Campus, Colony House

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