Colony House - You & I

| Kerri
Lately, what's the problem?
What's the headline, this time?
Somehow, we're okay with
All these differences leaving us blind, blind, blind

I'm not scared of fighting
I'm just a little bit over this conversation
I'm not trying to hide it
I'm just thinking slowly
Maybe you and I could live together if we ever learn to ease the tension
Maybe the world isn't crazy
Maybe it's you and I, I, I

I like this song. And I also think the lyrics are apropos for this year's Thanksgiving. Here's hoping very few of us have to deal with unpleasant, tension-filled conversations about the headlines. But if you do, maybe try busting into song to change the subject? A friend of mine has an actual plan in place with her teens to use the viral "U Name It" song. Or there's last year's suggestion from SNL...

RIYL: Grizfolk, COIN, Night Riots, The Mowglis, Cold War Kids

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