Young the Giant - Nothing's Over

| Kerri
It's all in frame
Familiar faces on my wall
This town is strange
Seasons never change
Time is up
The world doesn't stop for anyone
Until the sun dissolves

We all disappear
There's nothing to fear now, my love
How does it feel?

Young the Giant are back! When "Something to Believe In" came out earlier this year, I knew that the new album would not disappoint, but I've been thrilled to dig into Home of the Strange since it's release a couple weeks ago and discover an affinity for all the tracks. Made it tough to pick a most important single, but I kept coming back to the unique instrumental breaks of "Nothing's Over" so now you get to, too. Bonus, check out the hauntingly beautiful video for "Amerika" (another contender for TMIS, gah! so hard). Really, you should do yourself a favor and find your own favorite, if you can. I can't wait to see which I will prefer performed live, when they come to ACL in October!

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