Imagine Dragons - Dancing in the Dark

| Kerri
Most days I'm keeping to myself
Living in my little bubble
Throwing my weight and moving my body through the sea
You could come join me
Moving like the weekend
I don't need nobody

I got a text from my Seattle SIL yesterday raving about this song and I was at a loss. See, I was a big fan of ID's debut album (and earlier indie EP) and saw them live 2-3 times during that period - they were awesome. But their sophomore album totally turned me off. And new single "Believer" seems like a dull retread (musically) of "Radioactive" so I hadn't given this third album a try. But. Now I have to say, thanks sis! This song is something special.
As an aside: (Obviously) this track shares a name with a Springsteen song - one of his best, IMO. I was both delighted and disappointed that the Imagine Dragon's release didn't turn out to be a cover, ha. (My most-favorite Springsteen? "Brilliant Disguise" hands down.)

RIYL: The Moth & The Flame, OneRepublic, Fall Out Boy

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