Loose Tooth - Garlic Soup

| Keith
remain totally in control of the things you spew
releasing totally unconsciously
feel the shame you spew

recently i swam in a river
made of my own waste
i saved it for just this occasion

i was sent to relay the message
allow me to repeat
i was sent to relay the message
and the message is this
i was to relay this message
allow me to repeat

Loose Tooth is a garage outfit from Philly, and their latest release Big Day is a lot of fun. It's catchy in a bit of a challenging way that's really satisfying. They remind me a lot of early Built To Spill, and I think that's saying something--There's Nothing Wrong with Love is one of my all-time favorite albums. It was a bit hard to choose a song to share with y'all, so check out "Garlic Soup" and if you like it, give the full album a spin.

RIYL: Car Seat Headrest, Built To Spill, Pile, Two Inch Astronaut

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