Lil Dicky - $ave Dat Money

| Keith
I ain't never hit a bar with a cover
Low thread count, hard with the covers
Free trial memberships though
I never join the shits though
Fuck you think this is though?
Frequent flying like a motherfuckin' finch tho
General Tso, half a dozen on the stick
Just so I can whet the appetite of dick
What you talkin' about?
My AC never doing nothing, blow fans
Walgreens card shoppin' all the off brands
Boy go hard when collecting, got Venmo
Save every motherfuckin' roach, tryna smoke
Check the clothes in my drawers, I ain't playin' around
It's LD, lil boy, Mr. Hand-me-down
Dirty drawers gettin' worn, can you blame me now?
You think I got $4.50 up in quarters on me well I fucking don't!

I've spent way too much time this week listening to Lil Dicky. Turns out his cuts are good for running. Who knew? Anyway, he's a bit more than the second coming of MC Paul Barman. But really, the reason I chose "$ave Dat Money" for today's MIS is so I could include the bonus video for "Pillow Talking". If you've not seen that, you're in for a crazy, clever, and surreal treat.

RIYL: The Lonely Island, Macklemore, MC Paul Barman

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