alt-J - In Cold Blood

| Kerri

Crying zeros and I'm hearing 111s
Cut my somersaults and my backflip
Pool, summer, summer, pool, pool summer
Kiss me
Hair the way the sun really wants it to be
Whiskey soda, please, your G&T is empty
Chairs, inflatables have sunk to the bottom
Pool, summer, summer, pool, pool summer
Kiss me

(Now you dive in)
Callie, let's dive, dive down
To the pool's bottom where we belong
Callie, we're sinking like a bleeding stone
All above crowd around so fucking loud

I first came across this trio from Leeds by seeing them perform on the big stage, second to the night's closer, at ACL a couple years ago. I realize that makes me less than hip, but I've been making up for that lack of alternative music knowledge with a vengeance since then - as this blog fairly proves. Anyway, they put on an impressive show then, and I'm really liking the new songs they've released now (this and "3WW") prior to the full album coming in June. 

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