Two Inch Astronaut - Personal Life

| Keith
I guess all I can say
It's personal
That's life
Personal life
Personal life
Feels so right

The first time I listened to post-punk outfit Two Inch Astronaut's 2016 release Personal Life I was reminded of an old Seattle band I loved: Black Eyes and Neckties. Damn, I wish that band was still around, they were awesome. For a Murder City Devils knock off. Anyway, as I listened further I was reminded of other great rock bands. Fugazi, Titus Andronicus, JEFF the Brotherhood and Pile to name a few.

What I'm saying is that while there is something solid underlying and unifying most of their work, there is also a lot of diversity and creativity on top of it that. They're energetic, quirky and at times surprising. But also always listenable and approachable. I bet they're also awesome live and hope to see them soon.

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