Eisley - Defeatist

| Keith
I may have faltered in my life
But not with you, I couldn't make this up
I've had trouble disengaging my heart but I'll bite the grenade pin out

I fell in love with Texas family band Eisley years ago, back when I lived in Seattle. I saw them open for (someone I can't recall now, ha) and was instantly hooked by the beautiful, haunting and somewhat surreal melodies and vocals. I devoured The Valley when it came out and Currents is one of my all time favorites. I Still listen to it all the time, and that's a bit rare for me as I'm always hunting for the new and shiny.

Speaking of new and shiny, I'm digging "Defeatist", their new single, and I'm excited to get more new stuff from them. We're seeing them tonight with The Dear Hunter and I couldn't be more jazzed. If you get a chance you should as well.

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