Kehlani - CRZY

| Kerri
Everything I do, I do it with a passion
If I gotta be a bitch, I'mma be a bad one
I'm AI with the designs du-ragging
Bounce back game good, why we talkin' practice?
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Pull up score when I want to
Best thing, next to Heaven
They be tryna count me out though
I'm just countin', countin' blessings
A real woman bout her paper
Niggas don't know where I came from
Boy I really really came up
You never could say I'm lacking
All the shit that I've been through only made me more of an assassin
I kill 'em, I kill 'em, I kill 'em with compassion
And baby if they askin'

If you read some bios of Kehlani, you will think she was basically handed success: went to Oakland School for Arts where her singing talent was so obvious by 8th grade that she entered America's Got Talent (with a group) and was encouraged by the judges to go solo. She was signed to Atlantic, and her subsequent album was nominated for a Grammy. 
The other story is that her dad was killed when she was too young to remember him and her mom was a drug addict. She went to live with an aunt, and her talent for ballet got her into the arts school, but then she had a major injury... It doesn't change what happened next (transferring to the music department, discovering her own voice and songwriting prowess, etc) but it gives her the cred such a young talent needs to be believed - to not be dismissed as manufactured by reality television. 

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