JEFF The Brotherhood - Idiot

| Keith
She said ooh hoo hoo
I’m not some kind of idiot
If you think so I want you to know
That ooh hoo hoo
I did it because I hated you
I degraded you and left you alone
And I really really really really really really really really
Really love to make you feel bad
Because ooh hoo hoo
Baby I’m the worst thing you’ve ever had

I've gone on saying that JEFF The Brotherhood is the new, harder and more fun Weezer. And while I said that with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek, there is some truth there. I first heard them when they opened for Ted Leo years ago at Bottom of The Hill, SF, 2009. What a great show! I always enjoy Ted Leo, but I remember being really impressed with JEFF The Brotherhood and couldn't wait to hear more of them.

They've put out several albums since then, and they're all terrific. Really, it's hard to pick a favorite. They're all fun, rocking and have enough diversity to keep you interested. If you like it harder, check out We Are The Champions. If you're into covers? Dig The Classics! Want some fun, American indie rock? Well you've got Hypnotic Nights or Wasted On The Dream. Or you could check out their latest, Zone. OR you could check out this video I found from that show I saw back in 2009. Rock!

Ooooor, you could see them live for yourself.

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