Black Star - Definition

| Keith
Walkin' the streets is like battlin', be careful with your body
You must know Karate or think your soul is 'Bulletproof' like Sade
Stop actin' like a bitch already, be a visionary
An' maybe you can see your name in the column of obituary

The late 90's were awesome for hip-hop! One of my favorites is Black Star, made up of two MCs who went on to make big, big names for themselves individually: Talib Kweli and Mos Def.

I listen to their 1998 debut quite often, but it was recently brought to the front of my mind while watching this awesome Vox deconstruction of rap by Estelle Caswell. If you've not seen it you should watch. Like right now. Thank me later.

You're welcome. Also, check out Estell's playlist on Spotify. It's awwwwwsome.