Blowout - Cents Cents Money Money

| Keith
Cut it out, I can’t be the one you want me to
because I’m nothing like you
And we’ll go on and on and on again, on and on
You might as well say “Bah bah bah bah bah” 
You’ve been talking, I just want to go home
My words mean nothing to you when you’re dressed like that
Maybe I’ll get a job someday, 
maybe I’ll find the words to say
Maybe I’ll get a job someday, 
maybe I’ll stop by
Maybe I won’t smoke as much or
drink as much or give a fuck
Oh no, and I, I’m not just like your type

Blowout is (are? is? Haha.) awesome. Their album No Beer, No Dad hooked me right away. It's got a polished (in a good way) yet raw and energetic sound that strikes a perfectly endearing balance. I bet they're also great live.

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