Declan McKenna - Why Do You Feel So Down

| Kerri
So don't lie to me
I know I'm not as cool as I try to be
But why do you feel so down?
Again, I know I'm not a very good friend
Why do you feel so down?
Sure, that's not something I'd stick around for
Why do you feel so down?
Oh God, I know you think I'm safe and sound, I'm not
Why do you feel so down?

Declan finally released his full LP! This is the ninth track and I read it's one of the first he wrote/recorded. He's rather apologetic about it, claiming he was "a confused baby" when starting on the album and referring to this as "an almost pisstake dance tune" so I guess expect less of this mood going forward ha! But I think the sentiments here fit with all the rest we've heard from him so far - and he should cut himself a little slack, as I'm impressed with the thoughtfulness of his lyrics (speaking of all his songs collectively) and certainly don't mind if I can dance to them. 

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