Declan McKenna - Isombard

| Kerri
I'll make it clear
You'll make it then
But never here
Never again
So which one hangs
Police with gangs?
It's all the same
It's all the same
I met you here
But then you ran
You ran with fear
You fearless man
So tell your violent and tame
That they will cry
Never again

Declan McKenna is a catchy but earnest songwriter, almost exclusively focusing on heavy (and timely) issues. Starting when he was 15, McKenna says he is merely reflecting what is on the mind of his peers (such as the massive FIFA corruption in "Brazil", or the undeniable tie between religion and hate in "Bethlehem"). For this track, he is taking on right-wing newscasters, with their frequent poor choice of words and frustrating justifications (AND he is attempting to channel e.e. cummings). This is definitely a boy after my own former-angsty-teen/deep-thinking/music-loving heart! I got to see him at his SXSW (and basically American) debut this March and he was adorably endearing, playing all his own instruments, on a tiny stage, with his lonely spotlight, sharing his heartfelt pop. If by chance you don't care for his politics, you can just enjoy the refreshing British indie pop sound - as I'm sure is the case for a good number of his peers as well. 

RIYL: Lewis Del Mar, Day Wave, The Shelters, Simon & Garfunkel, Counting Crows

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