The Crookes - Roman Candle

| Kerri

Please don't live the same year eighty times
Lord knows that if you do you can't ever call that a life
It's true my darling, I love watching TV in your tiny room
But I swear there must be so much more
Stepping out your door

The days'll run away
So let's go up in flames

It's obscene, when I was seventeen I had no wisdom teeth
They say "just be yourself" like that's an easy thing to be
No you don't need a boyfriend now, oh honey pie, oh girl
I'll show you the world
Here's another photo staring back at me

Starting with such promise out of a suburb in central England, sounding something like a certain era of The Smiths and getting accolades and promotions constantly from NME to The Guardian to BBC2... I love their sound, and maybe especially this song off of last year's Lucky Ones, but the last news from the band is loss of another original member so hard to say if there'll be anything more. Maybe they're going out in flames?

RIYL: (happier versions of) The Smiths, The Cure, Belle & Sebastion, Gene

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