Gene - Fighting Fit

| Keith
I can't take it
To much time's been wasted
So come and get my plateful
I am fighting fit and able
I can't take it
When you slide and twist it hurts me
So settle down and let me
I've tasted life
I'm ready

Yesterday's featured band, Blaenavon, reminds me in many ways of one of my favorite 90's bands, Gene. Formed in the mid 90's, they weren't all that well known, but did get some attention, mostly in the UK, and had a solid string of nicely constructed albums, all of which are worth a listen.

They often draw comparisons to The Smiths, mostly due to vocal similarities between lead singer Martin Rossiter and Morrissey. A fair comparison, and I suppose you could make others between the two bands, but, make no mistake, Gene doesn't feel like a Smith's knock-off, rather they're an example of some of the best British rock to come out of the 90's.

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