The Cure - Close To Me

| Kerri
I've waited hours for this
I've made myself so sick
I wish I'd stayed asleep today
I never thought this day would end
I never thought tonight could ever be
This close to me

Just try to see in the dark
Just try to make it work
To feel the fear before you're here
I make the shapes come much too close
I pull my eyes out
Hold my breath
And wait until I shake

But if I had your faith
Then I could make it safe and clean
If only I was sure
That my head on the door was a dream 

Keith and I both loved The Cure in the 80s, and agree we lost interest sometime... before others. (Wish has exactly three good songs, people. Sorry, "Friday I'm in Love" is NOT one of them.) We disagree on exactly when it went sideways. (How can you NOT love "Just Like Heaven"? Ridiculous.) Regardless of that grave error in judgement, I know one of his favorite songs ever comes from the same album as this track, today's Most Important. And I picked "Close To Me" because OHMYGOSHPEOPLE! Hold my breath and wait!

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