Flint Eastwood - Queen

| Kerri
I've been plucking at these strings for seven days
Questioning like bullets in a gun
Am I really this way?
Is it more than a phase?
My mind's got me wondering

I'm a Queen not a soldier
Got something to fight for
I'm losing my mind
I'm a Queen not a soldier
Relentless & chosen
I'm fighting a war tonight

Cause I'm the queen right here
You couldn't last a day in my crown

Hailing from a creative family in Detroit, Jax Anderson created Flint Eastwood (with production assist from brother Seth) to blend her love of soul, pop, and electronic music with her flare for the theatrical. Flint Eastwood is a force of nature: at once powerful and endearing, slightly enigmatic but inviting. And, for how pretentious that sounds, her music is very, very danceable. Had a fantastic time when I caught her set Friday at a SXSW showcase. Queen is her latest single.

RIYL: Lorde, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Sia

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