Ha Ha Tonka - All With You

| Kerri

Tonight I'm telling secrets
You already knew
I know I'm gonna show off
That's just what I do
And I just might, I just might
Be able to prove I wanna see it all
Ah, with you

I can read the stories that surround your eyes
I love it when you smile, how they come alive
Tonight I want to climb up beyond the past and view
I want to see it all with you

Their label puts Ha Ha Tonka in the "Nouveau South" category, which makes it slightly difficult for me to admit I enjoy them, but it's true (along with *some* songs by the recommended artists below). Yes, I have a knee-jerk aversion to country... but not to wry folk-wisdom and heartfelt hooks. I didn't squeeze them into my SX week but they're playing in Brooklyn while Keith & I are in NYC this June. Can't pass up the opportunity to say I'd rather see it all with you, babe. (Two days left apart!)

RIYL: Fleet Foxes, The Head and the Heart, Apache Relay

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