COIN - Don't Cry, 2020

| Kerri

We were summer late bloomers
Fumbling through our teen age
We used to talk about the future
Remember when you couldn't wait?

I can't take you serious, I'm serious
It's your party and you're still in bed, you won't get dressed
I can't take you serious, are you serious

Don't cry
Don't cry
Oh, it's all gonna be alright

Years go by whether you want them to

Last year I posted "Run" and mentioned I wasn't in love with their new (at the time) single "Talk Too Much". Well, it grew on me, but there were so many even better gems on the full album when it came out this year. Like this one! We haven't got our tickets yet, but I'm getting excited for ACL this fall, and weekend two has this band, been on my list for a couple years now. 

RIYL: Colony House, The Heydaze, Knox Hamilton, The Academic

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