The Academic - Mixtape 2003

| Kerri
In my car there's a CD
A mixtape of 2003
A better time for both of us
With skinny jeans and roll-ups
We look back at our time shared
Yeah it's all gone and well who cares?
But I do and I tell you
It's a comeback for now

Looking back on those days
You and your mistakes
Me and my mixtapes
Nothing's gonna change the way I feel

It's Irish bands all weekend on TMIS! Young indie rockers, The Academic, classmates and brothers from Mullingar (80km west of Dublin), will happily steal your French fries and your airwaves if you give them half a chance. They caught some great gigs touring around the UK before and since their EP came out last year, including opening for the Pixies, and here we have their first new song since. Bonus: a fun genre-bended cover performed live. 

RIYL: Castlecomer, COIN, Early Hours, Delorentos, Knox Hamilton

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