Catfish and the Bottlemen - Cocoon

| Kerri
I fell straight into your arms
Like a drunk who’s been on it
All morning, and the sun’s up
And my head’s fucked
And immediately I grabbed you
You go all red like the first time
I love it when you do that
God, I love it when you do that.
I remember when we

Swapped names and I thought maybe
You’d stay and try to out-drink me
And your friends all hated it
But fuck it if they talk
Fuck it if they try and get to us
'Cause I'd rather go blind
Than let you down

I cocoon round your shoulders
When you're half cut, and you're frozen
And you've got that visible breathin'
You're dependin' on me again

We're going to see UK's CatB tonight with some friends and I figured it was a good time to add my favorite track of theirs from their debut album. (I think "Soundcheck" is still my over-all fave.) Fun facts: Did you know that the BRIT award for Best Breakthrough Act went to Van and the band last year (2016)? And did you know that the lead singer was named for Van Morrison? (His dad's pick won out over mom's "Ryan" for day-to-day life.) You probably DID already know that they stole their band name off of an infamous Sydney busker who plays music on beer bottles. Anyway, TGIF!

RIYL: Circa Waves, Sundara Karma, Finish Ticket, The Hunna, HUNNY

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