Finish Ticket - When Night Becomes Day

| Kerri

Sorry people keep me humble
They stop me before I stumble
Cause what I have is far too good to leave it all behind, I could
I am just the average person
Trying to make a lifetime worth it
But I worry it'll bleed me dry
Always try to catch their eye

I go where I go
You may not like it, though
The world at my feet
If I could find it, though
But when night becomes day, oh
Yeah, when night becomes day
I'm the better man

I'm trying to track down and post any artists/songs that we have accidentally skipped that made an impact in 2016. San Francisco quartet Finish Ticket made it onto the Billboard Alternative Top 40 this year with "Color" which is a great song, but since you've likely heard it a hundred times and their other songs are just as good, I thought I should feature a different track on TMIS. "When Night Becomes Day" is the title track off their third EP and the first thing they released after being signed to Elektra. 

RIYL: WALLA, Junior Prom, Knox Hamilton, Catfish and the Bottlemen

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