Scavenger Hunt - Lost

| Kerri

Where did we start
I can't remember at all
We used to fit together
Now we're falling apart
Like a song I used to know
Lost the lyrics long ago
There's no way to measure
How fast we will fall

You say
Nothings wrong well I'm all right and
I know dreams are darker in the night and
I say
Don't let it go, lets hold on tight but
You know
Only we can make it right

I saw the movie Arrival this past weekend (really good, I recommend it) and it put me in an introspective, but romantic, frame of mind. Which served to remind me of this song, specifically this remix, that I came across about a year ago via one of Keith's Vinyl Moon mixtape records. The opening sounds recall Close Encounters (clip below for fun) but the lyrics are a love story. 

RIYL: Chvrches, Chairlift, Poliça

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