Chvrches feat. Haley Williams - Bury It

| Kerri
Cover up, cover up
Cover up that you're ruthless
Nobody, nobody
Nobody's ever gonna notice
And I am catching up
And I am seeing red
How about I prove I'm right
And raise it overhead?

I wanted to keep on dancing this weekend, and keep on theme-ish. It's nearly impossible to tell the difference between Lauren's voice and Hayley's, and nothing remotely associated with rap, but I'm in charge here (sorta) so I'm saying it counts! This version of the song came out just a couple weeks ago, though the non-Hayley version was on Chvrches 2015 album Every Eye Open, and the danciest track from that album is probably "Clearest Blue." Check out the video below to see Lauren wearing some plated armor, and a bit of a dance party at the end.

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