HUNNY - Vowels (And the Importance of Being Me)

| Kerri
Man is crippled and dead and
Meek and eager in his sin
Turn around, say you love the way I
Hang around, you miss the spark in my eyes

I was a queen last night
I said "Take to the water"
And let you drink my lies
Like, "Okay, you're right"

You can't spell pain or kiss
Or run away or little mistake
Without me, or A, E, I, O, U

You may not have heard of SoCal synth-rockers HUNNY yet, as they've only released one EP and a couple additional singles (such as this one, "Vowels") in their year-or-so existence. But they are so good!! And currently touring with Bleached and Beach Slang, and hand-picked for inclusion at The Growlers' upcoming Beach Goth Fest. So pretty much you should go see them live asap because you are guaranteed a great show. (Excuse me while I throw a pity party because I can't be in Orange County in two weeks. I know, I know, ACL just ended, and SOS is coming up. I'm a spoiled rotten music lover...) Anyway, hope you enjoy getting to know HUNNY as much as I have!

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