Cymbals Eat Guitars - Have a Heart

| Keith
Sweet drip
We get a little lifted
Need this
We never sleep for long
Stop me if I'm wrong

But I'm so out of sync
And you're out of sync with me

Get off on memories of
Things we did when we were young and evil
And I have a heart I want to put to use
Empathy, it never came so naturally 'til I met you

I think it's safe to say that NYC rockers Cymbals Eat Guitars have changed since their math-prog-rock release Why There Are Mountains, which I quite liked, by-the-by. Their second album, Lense Alien, totally lost me, right off the bat, and Lose, while good, never really captured my attention. But it was clear there was something there that wasn't quite resonating. I'm happy to say I think they found how best to share that something. Big time.

Their latest, Pretty Years, is a hit. It's unique, powerful, catchy, and covers a lot of fun ground. It was difficult, at best, to choose which song to feature. I could have gone with "Close" which has an upbeat, almost happy Cure-ish vibe. Or "Wish" whose killer horn-play evokes the best of Morphine. If Morphine was fronted by Richard Butler of the Psychedelic Furs. Or maybe the "Finally" which feels like a more polished call back to their original sound from …Mountains.

I decided on super and sweet love song "Have a Heart" because it's a fantastic song. 

And I know it's what Kerri would have chosen from this must-listen-to album. <3