The Growlers - I'll Be Around

| Kerri
Yes, I'm only a man
Judgements of something ancient
Clocking my time as finished
The same is all replacements
Ignorance is complacency
Why are you purposely fading?
No stand, no sit, no stopping
Ripping through the neon prophecies
Got let off by a ticket stub
My time is fading fast
Through your mouth and out yours

The Growlers have just moved over to (The Strokes) Julian Casablancas' label (Cult Records) and I think you can hear the difference in their sound. Always and still unique, their own blend of psychedelic-surf-country-garage-rock they call "Beach Goth" but now with added Afrofunk inspiration as well as more synth. Casablancas personally produced the upcoming album, and had it engineered by the same peeps that did Alabama Shakes and War on Drugs. So. I think The Growlers are about to be huge, y'all. Go see 'em while the venues are small and the tickets are cheap! 

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