Dirty Ghosts - Ropes That Way

| Keith
(spoken) How about we do a decapitation tonight? Starring you.
Put you in the back, 
Keep your head up, see!
Letters on maps you keep pestering
Kicking at the door, attempts to extricate
Wrong way what for? 
Still taking it all away 

Hearing The Growlers new song yesterday (awesome find by Kerri by the way) got me in the mood for some more gritty, dirty, catchy pop. Enter Dirty Ghosts and "Ropes That Way" of 2012's Metal Moon, a terrific album that combines 80's pop sensibilities with catchy and creative garage rock attitude ala Japandroids or Surfer Blood. Give it a listen. The whole album is terrific. In fact, all of their albums are terrific.

Fun fact, lead singer Allyson Baker used to be married to Aesop Rock!


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