Grimes - Flesh without Blood

| Kerri
You claw, you fight, you lose
Got a doll that looks just like you
Remember when we used to say
"I love you" almost every day
I saw a light in you
Going out as I closed our window
You never liked me anyway

From gritty garage rock yesterday to Grimes, staying dirty but getting dancy for your Friday night. This song was her biggest hit off of Art Angels, which is not my favorite Grimes album overall, but still delightfully weird. I got to see her right up close, in the pit of the Blue Stage at (looks like the final) Fun Fun Fun last year. Her new album dropped that same weekend and I hadn't heard it yet, making her set feel a little different than I expected but still a blast.

Side note: I missed Neon Indian's set just before Grimes at FFF and then missed them again at SXSW (following which he seemed to indicate possible retirement of the band), so I'm pretty stoked to be seeing them in a couple weeks, at a show presented by the people behind FFF who are now putting on a fest called SOS (Sound on Sound). Woo!

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