Minus the Bear - Invisible

| Kerri

Have you ever told the whole truth?
Little lies, little lies, little lies, little lies
It's part of being human
It's part of believing in the illusion of yourself
Little lies
The foundation that you built yourself on
It's all gonna' fall
If there's any justice at all

All the stone you laid
Avalanche behind you
I know how long it's been
No, you're not invisible
You're not invisible

It's been several years since we've had new music from our Seattle indie dears Minus the Bear, and this is such a great lead single to their forthcoming album I couldn't wait to see if there'd be a better Most Important contribution! I'll also admit that on first listen, though the lyrics don't bare it out, I was hoping the song was about our Liar in Chief at the White House - you know, our Emperor and his invisible clothes? Ugh. Anyway, enjoy and keep your ears peeled for the March 3rd release of Voids.

RIYL: Pinback, The Dear Hunter, Built to Spill, The Helio Sequence, Midlake

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