Minus The Bear - Absinthe Party At The Fly Honey Warehouse

| Keith
Hey, let's cross the sea
And get some culture
Red wine with every meal
And absinthe after dinner
We'd look good side by side
Walking back to the hotel

That about sums up life right now, walking around Barcelona, enjoying the sights, sounds tastes and, well...smells for Kerri, I'm missing out in that sense.

And, hey, what can I say about Minus The Bear? They're one of my favorites; they hit that perfect balance between math rock and pop rock and I've always found their sound super interesting, especially as it's evolved. There's a steel thread that runs through it that carries something unique to them, and you can hear that threads beginning on their first album Highly Refined Pirates, and right here with "Absinthe Party At The Fly Honey Warehouse".

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