Jens Lekman - What's That Perfume That You Wear?

| Keith
What's that perfume that you wear?
It brings me back somewhere
To the anticipation
Before I kissed someone
It's got a sadness in it
Knowing how it's ended
Promise of something so sweet
That never could be

I saw Jens Lekman years ago, at Seattle's Bumbershoot festival I think, and was instantly enthralled by his witty, quirky, and engaging pop music. "The Opposite of Hallelujah" always sends little fun shivers up my spine when I hear it. It's the kind of music that grows on you with every listen. He's got a new single out, the first in a few years and it's been growing on me all week, and it's perfect for a Sunday (Funday).

RIYL: Vampire Weekend, Broken Social Scene, Shout Out Louds

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