Foster the People - SHC

| Kerri
I want to live my life again
But you won't
I'll never understand the winds
But you do
I didn't know I was afraid
But you did
I want to do it again

Well I've been sleeping
Waiting for something
But to feel nothing
At all, avoid the call
Sometimes I'm reckless
Sometimes misdirected
And sometimes when I'm tested
I tend to do nothing at all

"Pumped Up Kicks" was so huge and omnipresent, I didn't realize that it basically came from nowhere. Mark Foster recorded and released it free on his own website and when it went viral he had to scramble to figure out representation, licensing, a touring lineup (now full band), and record an album to include "Pumped Up Kicks" and play on tour. They went from playing in empty rooms to a showcase at SXSW to playing with the Beach Boys at the Grammy's (where nominated for 3) in 16 months! Humongous adjustment to make - hat tip to him/them that the first album had so many gems, and at the same time no wonder the sophomore album was practically unheard. (That may be an exaggeration, I didn't look up the numbers, but I didn't recognize a single song from it when I checked it out this morning.) ANYWAY, this summer the band released it's third LP, Sacred Hearts Club, a groove-driven record that IMO lives up to the promise of their debut. I'm looking forward to their set at ACL next month!

RIYL: MGMT, Phoenix, Passion Pit, Empire of the Sun, Portugal. The Man


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