Passion Pit - I'm Perfect

| Kerri

Thank you!
(And thank you again!)
You're brutal, you're honest
You're my very best-friend
It's not like you asked me if our night had to end at one of my brother's parties

Oh, what can I do?
When the face is a mirror of flattering youth
And all of the work that you say that you'll do
You've barely even started
Can't you...

Just tell, tell me I'm so damn perfect
Tell me it all of the time, oh
Tell me I'm so damn perfect
Tell me it all of the time

The new Passion Pit album, Tremendous Sea of Love, dropped last week! I don't know for sure but I think the "Tremendous" is tongue-in-cheek. I know that I can't hear that word anymore without rolling my eyes (thanks Drumpf) and I bet it's the same for a sensitive artist like Michael Angelakos. This track is quite sarcastic as well, not a new thing for PP - always with the peppy synth major chords and high falsetto, telling us dark tales of personal history. This album isn't a major departure sonically, but as a project it was created and presented atypically for the industry (some songs created, recorded, and uploaded the same day), and released for free via Twitter & Reddit with a message including: “I wrote this album to tell myself and to tell you that you were always good enough.” But no, tell me I'm perfect!! 

RIYL: Phoenix, Neon Indian, MGMT, Matt and Kim, M83

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