Neon Indian - Polish Girl

| Kerri
With heat struck afternoons long through
Those idle dreams go back to you
The echo's seem somewhat displaced
Ever further from your face, I'm drifting off to
Bored of mere flirtations
That's what's made of constellations that I've sought
Was this only in my head
Just like most things go misread
When overthought

Mexican-American Alan Paloma grew up just down the street, so to speak, in San Antonio. He was making music under a couple of other names/bands before and concurrent with Neon Indian, which was the most successful. (Pitchfork listed the debut album in the top 20 of that year.) But "success" isn't always the goal of artist, we know, and Alan is on the fence about continuing to record as Neon Indian... he'd like to pursue filmmaking. So, let's check out his direction in this retro-look video for "Annie", which is also my fav single off the most recent album

Oh, but I'm super stoked to be seeing him (and band, including his brother on bass) tonight at the Mohawk! Glad they haven't quit the scene just yet. 

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