Cottonwood Firing Squad - Caskets

| Kerri
I will wait for you through the ocean
I will wait for you through the sea
I will wait for you by the back door
If you'll wait there for me
Tomorrow's another chance to get high all on my own
Tomorrow's another chance to show you how it feels
How it feels to be alone
No one in this world can hold a candle up to you (x3)

Cottonwood Firing Squad has no current tour dates, no social media presence, no web page, no press (except one blog, similar to ours, that also mentions not being able to find any info on the artist). All I know for sure is that CFS seems to be one guy in Victorville, California. In this modern era of self publishing on Soundcloud, YouTube, and Spotify, he's managing to get heard from the middle of nowhere, without so much as a tweet. The title of his first EP made me laugh out loud (Wyoming and Other Songs to Kill Yourself To). I'd like to think he's cheered up for his first full length album released this summer (SIX) though it does include titles such as "Snuffing Out the Flame" and this one, "Caskets." But don't worry, it didn't bring me down at all! Experimental folk music, he tags it. Hard to pin down beyond "indie" some tracks are more beachy, pop-rock, a few lean hard on the folk/true country vibe. Hope this guy sticks around, he's an enjoyable afternoon of listening for sure. 

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