together PANGEA - Kenmore Ave.

| Keith
She says that living with me is bringing her down
I know this shit that I'm on is bumming me out
I don't wanna try I wanna figure it out
Cause I know that living with me is bringing me down

"She don't know about [together] PANGEA" ~ Brain

I didn't either, until about a week ago. "Better Find Out", a terrific, and in this case, appropriately titled, track, showed up in one of the many playlists I follow and I earmarked them for a listen. (Get it?) Anyhoo, I've given their latest, Bulls And Roosters, a couple spins and it's a damn fine album. The back catalog has some diamonds as well. They've got a fairly unique sound; garage rock, but put in a blender and mixed up with...the kitchen sink and refrigerator too. They remind me of some of my favorite Canadian indie bands: Sloan and Library Voices, but with a bit more Cali.

RIYL: Sloan, White Reaper, FIDLAR, The Coathangers, Wavves

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