The Coathangers - Make It Right

| Keith
Take it back baby
Yeah you want to survive
Your messin' up baby
Now it's makin' you mad
Stayin' out late
Do whatever you like
I really didn't bet you don't go out tonight
Oh, you couldn't take the pressure
To get out of your head
Beat it back baby
Put the kids to bed

In trying to think of what we should play on the Fourth of July, Kerri and I talked through a number of scenarios that involved either the massively popular (Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, etc.) or recognizably American (Bruce Springsteen, etc.) Well, I've got the keyboard and I'm going in a different, yet no less American, direction with a killer, all-female garage band out of ATL: The Coathangers. Ready to get dirty and "Make It Right" this fourth? Listen on.

(Haha, while searching for the lyrics to "Make It Right" the first thing that showed up on the search-ahead was "make America great again". I think my search is much better, and more accurate for how I'm feeling about this holiday.)

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