Jeff Rosenstock - Pash Rash

| Keith
I've been doing this for half my years;
I've been mouthing off in bars, trading shame for self-respect
My trajectory is crystal clear
I can see it in the stars that frame the shame above my neck
And the sky is always pitch black
When I sneak away, I only wanna come back and see your face, see your face again

Long Island's Jeff Rosenstock's 2016 album Worry is a beautiful garage-pop tribute to dorm rooms, DIY, breakups and a staggering variety of musical styles. "Pash Rash" is quick anthemic rock and perfect to pick you up as we close out the week and head into the weekend. The video is also a lot of fun.

RIYL: Fake Problems, Cayetana, Ted Leo, Signals Midwest

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